Grupo Autofácil

Grupo Autofácil is a well-known car financing company that has strong regional presence in Panamá, Costa Rica and other countries in Latin America. They chose to work with us in August, 2016. Back then, we knew it was a challenge. Autofácil, the car financing division from Grupo Poma, is very unique. Their credits and leasing plans allows people to acquire a car with a personalized and innovative arrangement. Making the dream of owning a car, a reality. Their main challenge was that they didn’t have any social media channels or even a working website leading them to face the harsh reality that they couldn’t meet their customers’ expectations.

Everytime we make a branding strategy for any of our customers, we start with a full research.
  • 36M+
    people reached regionally
  • 120K+
    followers all over the region
  • 12K+
    clients with a financing deal


At Elaniin, everytime we (create/work/develop) a branding strategy for any of our customers, we start with a full research. From there, the development process starts. To enhance the performance of Autofácil, we knew that it was appropriate to create social media channels for every country. A brand that operates in increasingly segmented markets need to meets the expectation of customers from each country. We execute the website redesigning and created a Media Plan focused on brand positioning in the most important internet platforms with Google Ad Campaigns to engage with a bigger audience. The car financing industry is a very competitive one but we have managed to keep Autofácil at the top of every user’s search in each one of the countries were they have presence. In just two years we have achieved a reach of over 36 million people. The main data collection methods used are: Facebook Pixel, cookies in every website and link tracking. The variety of techniques we use when gathering and collecting user’s data is according to the goals previously set by the client. With this information we define the audience segmentation and get to know every detail of the user’s journey, map out and prioritize the features they use most.

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Working with Autofácil meant an increasingly challenging environment for us.

efficiency of the team was tested every time with the user’s journey of each country in every social media platform interaction and website interaction.


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