Digital Agency

Digital Strategy

We help businesses drive new growth: conceptualizing, building, planning and connecting brands with their consumers. With our strong understanding of technologies, culture and marketing we manage to create high-quality and engaging campaigns.


This process is done by the structured application of technologies through an Inbound Marketing Strategy, a Marketing Budget Plan and high-quality team prepared to boost your brand.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

We create high-quality strategies with the latest tech trends, boosting your brand with engaging campaigns with an Inbound Marketing Methodology. Our team organizes the business performance by setting KPIs (or develop performance measures or metrics) to ensure the best results.

Effective Branding

Elaniin’s Designers follow your brand book guidelines and create well-executed digital media campaigns. To achieve higher audience reach and higher conversion rates we set a Media Budget Plan.

Marketing Budget Plan and Strategy Team

We provide a Marketing Budget Plan focused on the social media platforms that the client previously selected. Once the strategy is approved, we set up a team of Strategists, Content Managers and Designers to take control on the content creation, designing and customer service of your social media channels.

KPI’s tracking

To demonstrate how effectively our company is achieving measurable results, we set different performance indicators (KPIs). Our clients follow up this indicators and get constantly updated about the performance of the campaigns.


We can develop the perfect solution for your business.