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Digital Boosters

We are group of forward-thinking innovators and multitasking-millennials, focused on: designing, building and delivering projects for the digital world! We love to challenge ourselves creating top quality products and making our clients feel proud of what they offer to the world.

Great companies don't hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.

Digital Boosters

Our motivated team of Digital Boosters will help you achieve your goals. Growing your business in the most impactful way, creating smart solutions at any given time and building awesome experiences for your clients, is what we do best!

Adrián Gómez


Michelle Gómez


Edwin Escobar


Juan Manuel Martínez

VP of Sales

Efrain Ortiz

Human Resources Coordinator

Fernando Cabrera

Business Strategist

Luis Pinto

Tech Lead UX/UI

José Manuel Zelaya

Head of Strategy

Estefany García

Head of Branding

Carlos Carranza

Digital Strategist

Krissia Ramos

Digital Strategist

Rebeca Ostorga

Digital Strategist

Christian Zayas

Campaign Manager

Leonor Manzano

Content Manager

Elí Figueroa

Content Manager

Lorena Arévalo

Content Manager

Carla Alvarenga

Content Manager

Alessandra Orellana

Content Manager

Alexander Borja

Content Manager

Milena Quintanilla

Graphic Designer

Marvin Hernández

Graphic Designer

Carlos Mario

Graphic Designer

Alejandra Ponce

Graphic Designer

Roger Paniagua

Graphic Designer

Xochilt Guardado

Multimedia Designer

Gita Govinda

UX & UI Designer

André Gomez

Mobile Developer

Diego Andino

Back-End Developer
member team

Claudia Najera

Quality Assurance Analyst
member team

Andres Aguirre


Camila Yamada

Accounting Coordinator

Estephanie Morales

Administrative Assistant

Carlos Moreno

BitLab - COO

Fabiola León

BitLab - CMO
member team

Aracely Hidalgo

BitLab - Administrative Assistant

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